Dad Builds ‘Star Wars’ Rocking Horse for His Daughter’s First B-Day

A creative dad from Austria, Tez Gelmir, has made numerous handmade projects for his son; and so he wanted to make something unique and special for his daughter too and surprise her on her birthday.

Gelmir soon started working on a handcrafted Star Wars-inspired 74-Z speeder bike for his baby girl and the results are beyond cute!

The baby girl, posing on her speeder bike dressed up in a Leia costume, is clearly enjoying herself on the speeder her dad made just for her.

Even though the speeder is usually ridden by a scoot trooper in the iconic movie, the toddler Leia Organa seems to be the cutest pilot of a 74-Z.

Creative Dad Surprises Baby Daughter with a Star Wars Speeder

Gelmir shared several photos of the process of construction, as well as full plans about how to build this speeder if you want it to for your children.

The first ‘concern’ the father had was the strength and stability of the speeder and thought to himself, ‘yes, this is for my 1-year-old baby girl; however, I also have a 5-year-old boy who will no doubt ask for a turn from his sister’.

He realized that he had to make the speeder strong enough to handle both of the children and so the first part was a rigid backbone with a strong plywood top for the seat.

This was the foundation on which he later added the handles and an outrigger for mounting on the speeder.

There was also the 3D printed hull shell. The rocker arms on the children’s toy were also part of the construction-his solution was to use two of them to clamp either side of the speeder’s timber backbone, yet still have the clearance to slide them back and forth 50 mm or so to find the balance.

Anyhow, Gelmir’s galactic princess definitely knows how to rock her speeder bike. Want to see a video of this cutie pie?

Check it out below:

What about you? Would you take on a project like this for your child? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!





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