People Are so Bored during Quarantine that They’re Building Cardboard Tanks for their Cats

Cardboard tanks for cats?- Yes, please!

These uncertain times have shown us that there are so many creative people out there who are only lacking free time to get their hands active and do some wonderful DIY projects.

Cat owners are using these quarantine times to do something beneficial for their cat pets- they’re apparently building cardboard tanks for them to play in.

Some of these tanks are so well detailed and built and show these people’s amazing talent for the crafts and DIY projects.

Garry Stevenson, one of the people who built one of these tanks for his cat, said that someone on his Facebook news feed shared a photo of a cat in a tank and this idea stuck in his head for some time.

He decided to build it for his cat once he has some free time on his hands.

Amazing Cardboard Tanks for Their Cat Pets

When the lockdowns started and he had more free time, Stevenson decided it’s time to start with the planned project. He needed around 3 hours to craft it and the end result was amazing.

His cat loves the cardboard box. Stevenson’s cat is 2 years old and she’s a female. Her name is Mittens. She’s mostly a calm and relaxed cat, apart from when the family heads to bed and she begins to run around the house like crazy.

She takes some of her toys to the top of their stairs around 1 am and begins to howl-Stevenson explains how this is both cute and annoying.

Garry has been working from home as a graphic designer and his wife is a carer for a Scottish charity.

They also have two children; however, they’re very good at amusing themselves and they’re video chatting with friends. He believes they’re a lucky family.

Keep Your Cats Indoor, Advises the British Veterinary Association

According to the BV, pet owners should keep their cats inside as much as possible to avert the spread of the virus, especially if a person is showing symptoms.

But, building cardboard tanks isn’t the sole way to keep your pet happy and feeling good.

The pet should eat well during the lockdown so you need to have good food and snacks. Make sure they’re having fun- if you don’t have cat toys, empty cardboard boxes can be awesome playtime for your furry friends.

Before you head out, don’t forget to check out the gallery from cardboard tanks that pet owners decided to make during the lockdown: