Here’s a Crocheted Child Baby Amigurumi that You Can Make Yourself

Since the appearance of the Baby Yoda character in the TV series The Mandalorian on the Disney+ platform, the internet fell in love with this cute character.

It seems Baby Yoda put aside all those cute dogs and cats from the internet and took over all the fame for itself.

After people saw the show, there were immediately photos and all kinds of memes that spread at the speed of lighting.

Some people also turned to crafts and the arts to express their love for this unique and adorable character.

One such person is crochet artist Allison Hoffman, aka Crafty is Cool, who turned to her favorite craft and decided to make a crocheted Baby Yoda doll.

Stunning Crocheted Baby Yoda Doll by Allison Hoffman

Hoffman learned to crochet back in 2007 through YouTube videos and became so good at it that she began to publish the first patterns of her Gabba Gabba Dolls only one year later in March.

Now, crocheting dolls it’s her full-time job. Crocheting for her is her life and she spends a lot of time doing it- she says it brings her so much happiness.

Hoffman is also a published author-she’s released her first book 7 years ago.

Today, 12 years strong into crocheting, she even has a book of patterns published.

Most of the dolls she makes are usually 12 inches tall and she usually spends around 10 hours on making one.

If you want to, you can have your own baby Yoda crochet doll by purchasing her patterns and making your own. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner- her patterns are suitable for those who never crocheted before.

Master of Amigurimi Pop Culture

You can purchase some of her patterns online. Indeed, Hoffman is a master of amigurimi, a pop culture meaning crocheted or knitted stuffed doll.

She can crochet anything you have in mind and for only $7; you can have her pattern and crochet this stunning doll by yourself.

She explains that the patterns instruct you step by step on how to make a life-size stuffed Baby Yoda with only several basic supplies and easy techniques.

There are photos from each step and also thorough explanation. However, you do need some basic knowledge about crocheting- what a better time to learn than now, right?