Amazon Is Selling a Guesthouse ‘Kit’ You Can Build in Your Backyard in 8 Hours

Well, it apparently takes 8 hours to build a cute guesthouse from Amazon called the Allwood Solvalla.

It’s a 172-square foot studio cabin garden house that is just like it sounds- a DIY guest house with approximate assembly time of 8 hours if two adults are putting it together, claims the Amazon seller.

This guesthouse is an amazing choice for spacey backyards and gardens and as we can judge from the photos, it’s really beautiful.

It can be used for so many things- for your children to play in it during the spring and summer, for yourself to read a good book and drink coffee or anything else that comes to mind.

But, you’ll need to spare $7,250 if you want this guesthouse ‘kit’ in front of your doorstep.

Amazon’s Guesthouse Kit Perfect for Your Yard

This little home is made from strong Nordic wooden structure and you can easily put it together thanks to the detailed instructions, explains the seller.

And you needn’t have many tools, just the basic stuff.

The kit comes with all the needed parts and hardware, except the roof shingles and foundation material which you should purchase separately.

You may need to spend around $150 on shingles and around $170 on the foundation materials, claims Amazon.

This house is already getting a lot of attention- concrete slab or gravel-and-wood beam base are also available in terms of the foundation.

What about a Bathroom & Electricity?

Interestingly, although a bathroom isn’t included in the set, if you have the time and if you’re able to you, it seems that it can be added.

And, since there’s no electricity inside, you may be able to set it up with enough time and money. Anyhow, it can be an excellent choice for people who want tiny homes-it can make the ideal office or a house for guests.

The price includes the shipping, which is quite a good side if we take into account that the cabin weighs 2480 lbs. Expect the guesthouse to be at your home address within 3 to 5 weeks.





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