High School Student Paints Her Own Graduation Ball Dress, Goes Viral When The Internet Sees Her Fabulous Photos

When you have passion and creativity and you’re ready to finish a project, you’ll probably get people’s attention.

This is at least what happened to Ciara Gan, a teen who designed and hand-painted her own graduation dress.

When she shared photos of the dress on her Twitter, the post went viral and the media was immediately all over it.

At the age of 17, Ciara who lives in the Philippines found a way to use her love for art and create an amazing dress.

She spent almost an entire month working on the wonderful dress-she definitely graduated in style.

Her dress is a unique piece of hand-painted flowers and pleats.

How 17-Year Old Ciara Gan Did Made a Stunning Graduation Dress?

Ciara explains that she made and painted her own gown with more than 80 flowers and plus, she sewed and stoned it with her mother’s help.

She designed the dress’s look on her own. She needed 5 days to hand-paint the stunning flowers on the bottom part of the dress.

When she put it on for the graduation day and joined her classmates, they couldn’t believe how amazing she looked in the dress.

Love for Art & Love for Unique Things

When asked about the inspiration behind the dress, Ciara explained that it was her mother who motivated her to create this stunner. Ciara said since she loves trying out new things, she thought to herself why don’t make her own dress!

She didn’t have any school-work so she had sufficient time to create this piece of art.

Together with her mother, they bought almost 12 meters of fabric, as well as Swarovski crystals, crinoline, and boning.

The two sewed each panel from the skirt, one by one. When painting the flowers, she was very patient, focused, and dedicated.

She didn’t want to paint the basic roses and dainty florals because they may be pretty, but they don’t reflect her personality- she likes vibrant and loud colors like orange and green-they speak more about her, explained young Ciara.

The attention she received because of her dress is also helping her start her career in art.

She’s been receiving a lot of requests and commissions for artworks- it warms her heart that people are showing immense interest and appreciation of her art.