People Are Having Hard Time Believing this Cake Isn’t Real Raw Turkey

Sarah Hardy seems to be a person with so many talents- many dub her as the ‘baker from hell’ and others say she’s a ‘genius’.

Hardy who’s from Britain makes the goriest, craziest, weirdest, and the most unique cakes and chocolates you could think of!

Hardy explains that she loves her job and that she gets to be curious.

She makes stunning things from tasty chocolate and it’s something that makes her happy. She also believes she gets to do the things that appear to be less tasty and she makes them delicious.

This is what Hardy wrote on the page The Edible Museum. Although her work has been known for some time now, her recent raw turkey cake has taken over the internet.

Hardy is a sculptor too; however, she stopped working when she started a family.

She made a turkey cake, but people are having a hard time believing this isn’t just raw turkey!

Have You Seen a Cake like This? – Do You Believe It’s Real?!

When you see it first, you’ll also probably think that this is just turkey, not some cake.

But, it’s really a cake-it’s made from four layers of sponge and butter cream icing which provides the pinkish turkey-like skin tone.

Hardy says she made the cake because she’s been doing weird things throughout her life.

She says that during her teenage years, she made sculptures with hair sprouting from a bulbous stretchy foot and vertebrae.

Later, she’s also made wedding cakes with an old brown petal or an insect to the sugar flowers. She thinks the brides never suspected!

She Wanted to Be Different from Other Cake Designers

But, she had enough of making cakes that seemed like the cakes of other top cake designers- she wanted something different, more similar to a Dutch still life with snails all over.

She has a big passion for still life, beauty, and deaths.

Although it’s shaped and looks like a raw turkey ready to get into the oven, the cake is really yummy!

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