Swimming Pools Made from Shipping Containers

With quarantine and lockdown still being active in a lot of countries worldwide, people are becoming more and more creative and coming up with unique and interesting innovations for their homes and yards.

We covered up some of the most interesting ones like the we-sheds and the wine cellar from at the bottom part of a staircase.

And, with summer approaching, we had to show you one of the most wanted additions- a swimming pool that’s made from shipping containers.

Pools are a great thing to relax, unwind, and cool down during the summer days. People can socially-distance themselves at home-no need to head to public pools or to the beach.

Swimming Pools Made from Shipping Containers

This trend began in Sydney Australia and took over the world.

After some owners of properties started looking for compact swimming pools suitable for smaller yards, companies began exploring the idea of using shipping containers as a less complicated and a less expensive option.

Big cities like Brisbane and Melbourne are already doing and a lot of houses there have such pools.

This is an ingenious alternative to the inflatable swimming pools. Moreover, they’re eco-friendly and affordable. Their size is compact and they’re not difficult to build.

Shipping containers are also strong and since they have long, rectangular, and narrow shape, they’re ideal for a swimming pool.

How to Transform Containers into Swimming Pools

The first step is cleaning all the rust. Then, adding a second layer of steel inside the steel walls. This will make it watertight on the inside and add good weight to the pool.

Another method to transform the inside is through fibreglass shell. But, there’s risk of spider cracks on the surface.

This is also an expensive material and the repair is also more costly.

After the inside lining, filling it up with water is the next step.

What About the Price of a Container for a Swimming Pool?

For this shipping container, you’ll need to pay around $20,000 to $30,000 so it can be very cost-efficient for a lot of people if we compare it to prices of other types of pools.

The containers are available in 2 sizes, i.e. 8×20 feet and 8×40 feet.

They’re also good for transportation- if you decide to move away from your current home, you can have the pool sent to your new home by a truck.




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