7 Awesome Plants to Attract Dragonflies to Control Mosquitoes

Using plants to attract dragonflies and control mosquitoes is one beneficial ancient method of pest control. Dragonflies can be awesome in controlling the population of mosquitoes.

Using them is how nature is helping us- there’s no need of using harmful sprays full of chemicals.

Dragonflies are the predators of mosquitoes and will ensure their numbers don’t grow too much. They eat them in their larval form too.

In one study, it was discovered that larvae of dragonflies can play a major role in regulating the populations of mosquitoes.

Adult dragonflies can eat up to hundred or more mosquitoes on the daily. They’re also helpful for control of other bugs as well.

Best Plants to Attract Dragonflies & Prevent Mosquitoes

Meadow Sage

This stunning perennial has wonderful purple flowers that attract butterflies and small insects. It loves morning sun and afternoon shade.

White Yarrow

This wildflower produces clusters of around 5 inches across with 20 to 25 flowers.

They have foliage that’s resistant to illness and it’s attractive to butterflies and wasps that dragonflies love.

Water Lily

Floating plants are great for laying eggs for adult dragonflies.

You can grow them from tubers potted beneath the surface of the water. It will send stems up with rounded leaves and blossoms shaped like stars.

Wild Celery

This useful tape grass is a great aquatic environment for dragonflies. Plant it only where there’s at least 18 inches of water all the time.

Water Horsetail

This emergent plant is a combo of a floating and a submerged plant. The larvae dragonfly uses it to enter the pond surface when they’ve reached their adulthood.

Grow them from nurseries, not seeds. When they are well established, they can do well in short periods of dry weather. Grow them in partly shade or full sun.

Joe-Pye Weed

This beautiful plant has pink-purple flowers which last from summer to fall.

It attracts butterflies and other pollinators which dragonflies love. Their light vanilla fragrance is also amazing- it will thrive in partial sunlight.

Swamp Milkweed

This perennial plant has impressive pink and white flowers and attracts prey for dragonflies like wasps, bees, and butterflies.

It’s best to grow it in moist and wetland areas and areas where there’s full sun and the soil is wet.

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