How To Naturally Reduce Chronic Inflammation To Restore Your Health

Inflammation is part of our body’s defense system and it happens when the immunity recognizes and eliminates bad bacteria, pathogens, and begins the process of healing.

To some extent, inflammation is good for us and it’s known as acute.

For example, we catch a cold and our body temperature rises and our nose becomes runny-this process helps us heal.

This is natural and healthy and necessary for the body’s healing.

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On the other hand, chronic inflammation happens when the immunity is constantly fighting and it lasts for several months or years.

And, as a result of the tired immunity, illnesses may start to develop and damage the organs.

Below, learn useful tips to lower chronic inflammation and better your health.

Best Ways to Naturally Decrease Inflammation

Change your diet

The sooner you get rid of the unhealthy stuff, the better for you. Opt for healthier foods and reduce inflammation.

Some of the major contributors to inflammation from our diet are processed foods, vegetable oils, bad fats, refined sugar, wheat, dairy, and GMO soy.

Choose healthier variants like fresh veggies and fruits, good fats, plant-based milks, lean protein, and pseudo-grains.

Fight off stress properly

Stress is how our body responds to demand and it causes the release of cortisol and adrenaline, hormones. When we’re constantly stressed, it puts us at a higher risk of health problems like weight gain, insomnia, headaches, etc.

When stress impairs the immunity, the body’s response to inflammation weakens. This is why we need to manage stress properly through breathing exercises, yoga, massages, meditation, reading, art, music, etc.

Exercise is also a good choice for stress management.

Lower your exposure to toxins

Toxins can harm our body and lead to higher inflammation. We come into contact with them on the daily through air, food, or by touching our skin.

We remove them through the detox organs like the lungs, liver, and skin, but sometimes, their defense isn’t enough.

We need to additionally lower our exposure and prevent further damage.

First, remove products in your home with synthetic fragrances and other chemicals. This may include scented candles, dish soap, perfume, air fresheners, etc.

Choose natural alternatives like essential oils inside of air fresheners and soap nuts instead of laundry.