At 10 Years, Boy Who Spent 2 Years Growing His Hair Donates It to Make Wigs for Kids with Cancer

Back in 2014, a boy named Thomas Moore saw a video together with his mother of a girl who had lost her hair because of cancer and came up with an idea.

The 8-year-old boy decided he was going to grow his hair out and give it to children who’ve lost it because of chemotherapy.

This is what he did for the following 2 years.

He grew an impressive hair and when he decided it’s time to finally cut it off in 2016, he had sufficient hair for three wigs.

His story went viral after his aunt, Amber Ray, shared a before and after photo of her nephew on Twitter and explained what the boy did.

The photo went viral- it was shared more than 57k times and liked more than 110k times.

People were amazed by this amazing boy and his amazing story.

A Selfless Boy with a Big Heart

When he realized what a lot of children go through when they’re diagnosed with cancer, Thomas wanted to do something that will help them suffer less.

His mother kindly explained to him why the young girl had lost her hair and that this is something most people who undergo chemo experience too.

She also noted that these people struggle with a lot of stress because of the disease and because of the hair loss which is in a way a part of us.

Even though the boy decided to grow his hair and help others, he didn’t know how long it would take; however, his will and determination to help was bigger than everything else.

His aunt also confirmed the boy’s determination to grow his hair long enough so that there can be several wigs from it.

It Wasn’t Easy, but It Was Totally Worth It

She recalls how everything went fine in the beginning, when his hair was still short. However, as the afro began growing, they needed to cornrow it so it remains nice and tame.

She also added that it wasn’t easy to grow his hair since the boy had a gentle scalp and often times, his hair would get tangled up and cause pain.

In these moments, they boy thought of quitting and cutting off the hair, but his family supported him fully.

He managed to grow his hair 17 inches-enough for the hairdresser to make 3 wigs. Thomas’s act won’t be forgotten and people are still being amazed by his selflessness.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video of the boy getting his hair cut off after 2 years:

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Posted by Socue Soflien on Saturday, September 10, 2016