Hospice Program Helps Terminal Patients Keep Their Pets so They Be with Them until the End

Pet Peace of Mind is a unique, caring program which began as an idea that would help terminally-ill patients take good care for their pets after they pass away.

The program,  run by donations and volunteers, has several services to offer, including playing with the dogs of the patients, grooming them, and searching for their next home after their owner is no longer with them.

Although heartbreaking and emotional, this is also an amazing and crucial program which takes away a major stress that a person has to deal with during their final days.

The program creators work with several hospices and train them and include them in the program. Until now, they have more than 100 hospice partners.

Pet Peace of Mind Program: What It Is All About

The Pet Peace of Mind program is a non-profit organization that provides hospices with a method that trains volunteers how to take care of the patients’ pet-related needs.

Without doubt, pets are very important for a lot of people-they’re treated and loved equally like family members and they’re comforting to their owners, especially in the end-of-life journey.

But, as families are dealing with a lot of stress, loss, and grief when their loved one is at hospice care, the pets end up being forgotten or overlooked.

The organization accepts volunteers and donations for the pets and for their functioning. After the owner passes away, the organization focuses on finding a new suitable home for their pet.

This Is a Real Problem, Says Hospice Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator for the St. Luke’s Hospice, Karen Jeffries, says that hospice patients are worried about their pets and what will happen after they’re no longer together.

Although some relatives say they will take good care of the pet, not all of them keep their promise.

But, now, after they’ve partnered with the non-profit, their patients have one worry less on their minds and know that their loved pets will continue having a good life.

The organization has helped to pets of more than a thousand of hospice patients. Thanks to their initiative, the amazing human-dog bond is maintained even after their owner has finished their journey on this planet.