Homemade Flea Powder- Flea, Tick, Ant, Mites, Fly, Mosquito And Other Insect Repellent

A lot of dog owners know that the meds given for fleas and ticks are full of chemicals- including methoprene, fipronil, pyriproxyfen, etc.

Moreover, according to a recent FDA statement, some of these meds can trigger neurological issues in pets like ataxia, seizures, and muscle tremors.

With this in mind and knowing how important it is to keep our pets safe from these insects, it’s good to know that there are potent and effective homemade repellents.

The one we’re going to present to you today is easy-to-make, all-natural, and fast. Keep your pet protected and safe!

Let’s check out the recipe together.

Homemade Flea Powder for Dogs

You’ll need:

A cup of food grade diatomaceous earth

½ cup of neem powder

½ cup yarrow powder

20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil


Mix all of the ingredients in a powder bottle. Spray your dog with it from head to tail. Rub it onto his belly and legs too. Avoid the eye and nose area.

Then, brush your dog in the opposite direction so that the powder gets into contact with the skin of the dog.

Spray the dog once per month when it’s active flea season. Do it to after you bathe your dog.





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