Man Gives His $4 Million Dollar Apartment Complex to Homeless Women & Their Children to Live in

Rick Steves, a multi millionaire with the heart of gold. This travel guru who’s popular for his travel series on PBS accrued a fortune through his career thanks to his bestselling European travel guides.

However, Steves is well aware that money isn’t everything in life and this is why his goal is to leave a legacy that will inspire others to help people who need it the most.

The multi millionaire has therefore given the YWCA a complex of apartments as a way to help homeless women and their children who don’t have a place to live.

This is a $4 million apartment complex which houses homeless women and their offspring free-of-charge. Currently, it houses 24 women who don’t need to worry about paying rent.

Stevens bought the complex back in 2015 and his intention was to give it away.

Trinity Palace Helps Single Mothers Recovering from Addiction

Trinity Palace gets help and support by YWCA and Rotary Club to get women back on their feet and find them a loving and nourishing environment that will certainly be of aid in the road towards recovery.

The 2-bedroom apartments for these women recovering from addiction have all the necessary amenities for single mothers to do well together with their children.

Steves notes that the hole between the poor and the rich in the country continues increasing. So, he believes the needs for affordable housing will also increase as cuts in the budgets are being made.

This man is a real angel in disguise and the world could use more people like him-people who have money and direct them into more than personal gain, but also for the gain and advancement of the most vulnerable in our society.

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