Mouthwatering Amish Sweet Bread: Step-by-Step Recipe

The Amish cuisine is amazing-also, they have their own farms where they grow their own hay, corn, tobacco, wheat, barley, potatoes, veggies, etc.

They’re known to be very talented in the kitchen and most often use the fresh ingredients from their farms. Although they spend a lot of time in prepping their food, it’s beyond delicious.

When talking about delicious Amish recipes, we cannot forget about the sweet Amish bread which is so satisfying and yummy.

The whole family will love it, that’s for sure! Just follow their original recipe we’ll share below, and you’ll be able to enjoy it as well.

Homemade Yummy Amish Sweet Bread Recipe

You’ll need the following ingredients:

2 cups of water

1 ½ tbsp of dry yeast, active

2/3 cups of sugar

¼ cup of veggie oil

1 ½ tsp of salt

5 ½ cups of all-purpose flour

2 bread loaf pans


Heat the water to 110 degrees F. Add the sugar to it and mix. Add the yeast and leave it for 10 minutes.

Begin to slowly add the flour to the mixture. Stir slowly and then when a ball begins to form, knead it around 5 minutes.

You need dough that can be rolled without separating. Then, coat a mixing bowl with a non-stick spray and transfer the dough to it.

Cover it with a damp towel.

Leave it to rise for an hour.

Cut it into half. Put them into two loaf pans, previously oiled, and push them to adjust to the pan’s shape.

Leave the pans uncovered for 30 more minutes to additionally rise. Bake them at 350 degrees F for half an hour.

Enjoy your fresh, delicious, and mouthwatering Amish bread right from the oven!

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