These Things Happen Inside Your Body when You Smoke Cigarettes

Smoking has been linked with disease and death and up to 2 in 3 individuals who smoke in their life will die because of it. And, they’ll die averagely 10 years before the non-smokers.

The American Lung Association notes that cigarettes and other products with tobacco have around 600 substances which when burned, release more than 7000 chemicals.

69 of these are linked with cancer! Therefore, if you’re a smoker, you have some pretty good reasons to give up this habit once and for all!

Below, read the negative impact of cigarettes on the overall health.

How Smoking Damages Our Health

Increases our risk of heart illness

Smoking is known to increase the risk of heart disease like coronary and stroke.

This is because it injures the arterial lining and causes the buildup of fatty material that makes the arteries narrower.

Moreover, carbon monoxide and nicotine additionally strain the heart by making it pump faster and lowering the saturation of oxygen.

Unfortunately, smokers have a 2 times higher risk of heart attack than the non-smokers.

Increases our risk of lung cancer

Smoking is one of the main causes for lung cancer as it permanently damages our breathing tubes and tissues of the lungs.

Even though quitting smoking won’t reverse the damage entirely, it’s pivotal to stop further damage and boosting the lungs’ functioning and healing abilities.

Bad for the bones

When we’re smoking in the bone building years from our birth to our 30s, we’re reducing the maximum bone mass growth. This is why smokers tend to have a smaller skeleton than the non-smokers.

Smoking affects the hormones’ activity negatively and speeds up bone loss.

Has a negative effect on reproduction & fertility

According to several studies with semen sample analysis, it was discovered that smoking had a major negative influence on the sperm’s quality and count. Consequently, this makes conception harder.

In women, studies have found association between second hand smoke and higher risk of premature delivery, low baby weight, and learning problems. Women smokers will also have a harder time conceiving than the ones who don’t smoke and have a higher risk of fertility issues.

Damages the stomach

Smoking is known to elevate the chance for mouth, esophagus, pancreas, and stomach cancer.

What’s more, some studies have found that it also increases the chances of colon, rectum, and liver cancer.

Smoking also puts you at a higher risk of other illnesses such as GERD, heartburn, and pancreatitis.

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