A 6-Year-Old Boy Saves His Sister from Dog Attack; Ends Up with 90 Stitches

A 6-year-old boy named Bridger Walker from Wyoming became an internet hero after he jumped in front of a dog that was going to attack his younger sister.

The dog ended up attacking the boy and injured him so badly that the boy had to be stitched 90 times.

Their aunt, Nikki Walker, wrote on an Instagram post that the boy saw the dog and intentionally stood in front of his sister to protect her.

Although he was injured and attacked by the dog, the boy successfully led his sister away by his hand.

He reportedly said after the attack that if someone has to die, he thought it should be him.

The Boy Had to Have 90 Stitches

His aunt claims that a skilled plastic surgeon helped treat the boy’s injuries and had to make 90 stitches! Now, the boy is resting at home.

Nikki wanted to give her nephew encouragement and comfort so she shared a photo of him and his sister on her Instagram and asked people to leave supportive comments and to help spread their story.

The photo had more than 200,000 likes and more than 11,000 comments- the story was also upvoted on Reddit more than 24,000 times.

Although some commenters praised the boy’s bravery, others were worried about the child’s need for counseling due to the trauma.


Another follow-up photo of the boy at a younger age with his arm around the baby sister-the wounds healed and the boy’s in great spirits- his amazing personality is intact, wrote their caring.

All of the family is more than grateful for all of the supportive comments they got and also noted that the dog’s owners were amazing people who’ve been nothing but kind to the boy and the rest of the family.

The family isn’t resentful and if anything, they’ve just grown to appreciate each other even more after the accident.

The boy received donations through the Wounded Warrior Project-a group that supports the injured military veterans or through Mission 22- an organization that helps prevent suicides.