Stunning Fairy Cottages: Escape Reality in a Magical Way

A lot of people often dream of having some cute and wonderful escape from the busy and urban lives-for example, a remote mountain cabin where one can unplug completely.

This is precisely what these fairy-like cottages offer. Forest cabins have really grown in popularity and are attracting everyone who dreams of tapping into the wild, disconnected lifestyle.

Although there are a lot of cabins like this, the ones that really got people’s attention are the impressive cottages of Jacob Witzling who’s known for his other-worldly, unique, and reuse-recycle designs.

He uses salvaged materials and makes amazing masterpieces. He’s currently building a magnum opus with his partner Sara Underwood. They named the place Cabin Land.

The Masterpiece of Jacob & Sara: the Cabin Land

When they complete the project, this remote oasis that’s located among a variety of trees, ferns, and moss in the temperate rainforests in Washington State will have 8 to 10 handmade, artisan cabins.

Each of them will be constructed with new and recycled materials and each will have its one-of-a-kind design and purpose.

The Cabin Land is located 30 miles away from the nearest town and doesn’t have modern utilities. The power is provided by generators.

Water can be only acquired from the stream nearby until a new well is dug.

The toilet is a composting one and the showers are outdoors. As of the start of the construction that began this year, 2 cabins were finished.

The 1st is named Diamond House and has broad hexagonal base with long beams upwards to a roof that’s pointy like a diamond.

On the ground floor, there’s a cozy living room with modern furniture and a stove, as well as a loft space accessible by a ladder that’s a bedroom.

With the shingles taken out of the old logger’s cabins covering the base and a moss covering the roof, the cabin looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale.

The 2nd house, named the Pump House, was constructed with a more pedestrian purpose in mind- to house the pump for the well that’s going to be built.

A Lifelong Dream Is Being Fulfilled, Says the Couple

This didn’t mean they skimped on the design- on the contrary; this is also a striking cabin with an angular lopsided roof that’s covered in moss and a triangle-shaped door.

They plan to connect the cabins being through trails and it will be the fulfilment of a long-time love for cabins that Witzling has.

He first became interested in art and functionality of cabins as a child after reading the Handmade Houses: a Guide to the Woodbutcher’s Art.

This is a joint effort with his partner who’s known as a model and actress. They met several yeard ago when Underwood contacted Witzling hoping to use one of his cabins for a photoshoot.

This is when they discovered a mutual love for each other and for cabins.