A Plane Passenger Gives Up His First-Class Seat To An 88 Y.O. Lady, Making Her Dream Come True

One flight attendant at Virgin Atlantic didn’t hesitate to play favorites when she shared the sweet story of her new favorite passengers-one kind-hearted man and an elderly woman with whom he swapped seats so that the lady can enjoy first class.

Leah Amy, the stewardess, shared this heartwarming story on her Facebook and the post immediately went viral-it got more than 4100 likes and 1300 shares.

Amy has already met a lot of athletes, supermodels, and actors through her work; however, she claims these two, Jack and Violet, became her new favorite ones.

Jack & Violet Become Friends in an Instant

The 2 travelers from different classes spontaneously became friends at the unnamed airport they were travelling from and Jake decided that he would give up his prime seat so that the lady can have it.

Reportedly, this was the 88-year-old’s dream-come-true and this thoughtful traveler decided to help her make it true.

When they boarded on the plane, he traded his upper class cabin with the economy seat of Violet which was right next to the toilets.

Jack sat calmly and never asked for anything for the rest of the flight, says Leah. Without any fuss or attention-seeking behavior, literally, he made it out of the kindness of his heart-no one asked him to do it.

Violet Is Frequent Traveler on this Flight

According to Leah, Violet often travels to New York to see her daughter and this recent trip was the first in a long time because she had a knee replacement.

Leah describes the moment of tucking her in bed after dinner as amazing. Although Violet didn’t give her phone or email to Leah so she can share the photos she took of her, Leah plans on forwarding them as soon as she finds them.

In the meantime, she shared them on social media.

Facebook users praised Jack and described him as a real gentleman and a wonderful person.




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