This Dad Takes the Girl Bullied by His Daughter on a Shopping Spree

One dad took an unusual approach when he learned that his daughter was bullying a child.

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The dad and daughter live in Moncks Corner and the target of the bullying explains that it was just her and her friends talking when all of a sudden she’s getting picked on, bullied about her clothes, and how she wears them.

Ryan Reese is a seventh grader attending Berkeley Middle School and she explains that some of the girls in school were teasing her and she felt depressed and it all hit hard.

She had enough so she decided to explain to her mother what’s going on. Some of the girls, believe it or not, turned out to be Reese’s cousin. This is when her mother called the parents of their cousin and the dad responded quickly.

Randy Smalls, the dad, said that growing up he was also bullied so he understands well about Ryan’s feelings. He’s the father of one of the girls who teased Reese.

Father Decides to Handle the Situation Differently & Teach His Daughter a Lesson

The dad immediately came up with an idea about how to approach this problem and help teach his daughter a lesson.

Namely, his daughter was supposed to go shopping that Saturday; however, instead of taking her on a shopping spree, Ryan decided to use all of the money intended for her for Reese.

This was the perfect solution, claims the father, as his daughter loves shopping a lot. So, if she and her friends were teasing someone because of their clothes, he’ll take this away from her and give it to another person.

In addition to a shopping spree, he also took the girl at the hair salon. He shared the situation on his Facebook page where thousands of people liked his post and also many offered to help Reese too.

He is a firm believer that as parents, we need to be responsible for our children’s actions. He thinks we can teach our children a lot and do what we can to help them; however, first comes responsibility.

What Was the Response of the Girl Who Was Teased?

Reese explains that the hair and clothes felt nice, but she also experienced something that money can’t buy-her encounter with Smalls was life changing.

For the young girl, Smalls is the first father figure she’s had. Ever since she lost her father, it’s been really difficult for her and now, she has someone to look up to.

Now, Reese and her cousin who previously teased her are good friends.

Smalls Starts a Significant Movement

Because of the immense response he got from his Facebook post, Smalls decided to launch a movement called Parents against Bullying.

It’s intended for parents of children who’ve been bullied and parents of children who were bullies.

He’s working closely with the Berkeley County Beats Bullying and C.A.V.E. or Communities against Violence Everywhere.