Mother Cat Brings Her Sick Kittens to the Hospital & Medics Rush to Help Them

In a heartwarming incident, the staff of one hospital rushed to help a stray mother cat that brought her ill kitten into the hospital.

The incident took place in a hospital in Istanbul in Turkey, a city that’s the home to thousands of stray cats.

The photos of the incident immediately went viral, showing the worried momma in the hospital’s emergency room surrounded by staff.

Reportedly, she gave birth to her kittens nearby the hospital.

Worried Mother Cat Brings in Ill Kitten to the Hospital

The hospital staff took in the kitten and gave the worried mother food and milk. They checked them out both and then send them to a vet’s office.

The kitten is now doing well.

When Merve Ozcan shared the story online, she wrote that they were in the ER when a cat rushed in with her offspring in the mouth.

The Mother  Cat & Her Kittens Are Now Good

The heartwarming photos took over the hearts of many people online and they were liked more than 80,000 times on Twitter. The story even got on the Turkish news.

One person on Reddit wrote that in Turkey, stray cats and dogs are like everyone’s pet and you can spot water and food for them on almost every corner. In fact, cats are allowed to sleep in their mosques, a beautiful place for stray animals.

This is definitely our positive story of the day-what’s yours? What did you do today to help a person or an animal in need?

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