Nursing Home Residents Combat Lockdown Boredom by Recreating Album Covers

A group of seniors at this UK nursing home is being quite creative during the coronavirus lockdown.

The nursing home Sydmar Lodge in Edgware has been in lockdown for 120 days now trying to keep their residents safe during this pandemic.

To help lower their boredom and keep them entertained, the coordinator of the facility, Robert Speker, had them participate in a recreation of popular album covers.

Nursing Home Residents Recreate Album Covers

Speker shared some of the amazing creations on his Twitter and Facebook and the photos have since taken over the internet.

The residents and carers have been recreating classic album covers, wrote Speker as the home has been in lockdown for 4 months now.

The first recreation is of Adele’s album titled 21 with resident Vera who’s 93 posing for it. Another was inspired by the Born in the USA album by Bruce Springsteen.

Four of the care workers in the nursing home posed together with the residents to recreate the Queen II album by Queen.

Resident Sheila Solomons posed as Elvis Presley and also recreated the London Calling by The Clash.

Toba David dressed up as Michael Jackson for the Bad album cover.

A donating campaign has begun in order to collect money for the nursing home. Until now, they’ve managed to collect more than £600 of the £1,000 goal.

Speker also wrote that it’s been his job and a privilege to keep these residents entertained during the crisis without any outside help and family.

With the ongoing lockdown, it may be months before the situation improves. Until then, it’s pivotal to keep them happy and full of spirits.

Speker tweeted that the home considers making calendars with the recreations and collect more money.

The elderly have definitely been hit hard by the crisis with the pandemic, both in terms of their mental and physical health.

The Negative Impact of the Pandemic on the Elderly

Isolation affects elderly bad if their sole social contact is out of the home, found a study done out of the UK in May.

Another study concluded that social disconnection increases the risk of depression and anxiety in the elderly.




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