This Excited Dog Collapsed because of Happiness when It Reunited with Its Owner after 2 Years

The cutest schnauzer named Casey had the loveliest and unexpected reaction after it met with its owner two years after being separated.

Her owner, Rebecca Ehalt lives in Pennsylvania but she had to move to Slovenia for work and left her 9-year-old dog in the hands of her family.

Although the dog has been in good hands while she was away for work, in dog’s years, Casey hadn’t seen her for 14 years! A very, very long time.

When Casey & Rebecca Reunited, Casey Fainted

This moment will definitely be one which Rebecca and her family will always remember-after she returned to Pennsylvania two years after for her wedding planned by her family for her and her partner, she met with Casey.

The family took a video of the moment showing sweet Casey jumping on Rebecca and wagging her tail, trying to give her kisses and squealing from happiness.

However, because of the immense excitement, Casey suddenly collapsed on the ground and passed out because of the joyful moment.

Family Gets Scared, Takes Casey to the Vet

They took Casey to the vet’s office later to check her out and see if everything’s okay.

They also showed him the video of the moment-the vet said that she’s fine and that she was probably too thrilled to see her owner and this is why she fainted.

For a good start of your day, make sure you watch the video of the emotional reuniting below:




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