10 Core Exercises Pivotal for the Ladies

Having a strong core for women is pivotal for so many reasons, not just beautiful appearance, but also optimal health and vitality.

But, strengthening the core requires physical activity and the adequate exercises. This is why we decided to present the 10 best exercises for a stronger core.

They’re easy-to-make and you may already know some of them.

Plus, they’re very easy and don’t require too much equipment and can be actually performed in the comfort of your own home.

10 Core Exercises Every Woman Should Do


Hand or forearm plank, any will do you good. Keep the arms or elbows under the shoulders and then extend the legs fully backwards one by one.

Evenly distribute the weight between your hands and toes. Lift the belly, strengthen the pelvis, and don’t forget to breathe.

If you’re a beginner, hold the pose for 5 to 10 seconds and then gradually increase the length until you can do it for a full minute without pausing.


When done adequately, they can be amazing. To begin, lie on the back and bend the knees with the legs flat on the floor and aligned with the hips.

Cross the arms over the chest and pull in the chin. Look at the ceiling and keep the neck flat and the spine aligned.

Squeeze the abdomen and lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground. Keep the lower back and the legs on the floor.

Hold for a second and then lower gradually back to the ground.

Standing crunches

This is an awesome exercise to challenge the core and the ankle, feet, and leg muscles. Stand with the feet wider than shoulder-width apart and keep the toes a bit outward.

Place the hands behind the head and bend and lift your left knee. Twist the torso and bring the right elbow in the left knee direction.

Hold for a second and gradually untwist and go back to primary pose before you repeat on the other side.

Bike crunches

Lie on the back and stretch out the legs. Place the hands behind the head and point the elbows out the sides.

Lift the shoulders and gradually lift both or one of the legs from the ground. Bend the left knee towards the chest and twist the torso to bring the right elbow across the body towards the left knee.

Stay in the pose for a second or two before you gradually go to neutral position. Repeat the same on the other side.

Toe reach crunch

Lie on the back and lift the legs straight up in the air to be in 90 degree angle to the torso.

Flex the feet as if you’re pushing the heels towards the ceiling. Maintain the neck in neutral and pull the belly towards the spine.

Lift the shoulders and reach straight up and then touch the toes. Keep the pose for several seconds before lowering back down.

Leg raise reach clap

While lying on the floor, outstretch the legs and arms at the sides. Lift the legs from the ground and keep the back onto the floor.

Pull up the legs a bit and lift the shoulders and upper back. Reach forward with the arms and clasp the hands behind the knees. Then, slowly go back to the neutral pose.

Opposite leg & arm lift

Start on all fours with the hands and knees under the shoulders and arms.

Pull the belly into the spine and tuck the pelvis. Breathe and extend the left arm and squeeze the glutes to extend the right leg in front.

Straighten the body and keep the hips squared to the ground. Stay in the pose for a bit before you go down and repeat on the other side.

Single leg stretch

While lying on the back, lift the legs to a 45-degree angle and tuck the chin. Raise the shoulders and back off the ground.

Bring the left knee into the chest and hold it with the hands. Remain in the pose for a bit before repeating on the other side.


This is an excellent option for your abs and the back muscles. Lie on the stomach and keep the arms bent and tuck the elbows by your sides. Squeeze the glutes and draw the belly into the spine.

Lift the chest and raise the arms off the ground. Stay in this pose for a second or two and breathe. Go back to neutral before you do a rep.

Russian twists

Great exercise for the abs and obliques. Sit on the floor and keep the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift the feet up to keep the shins parallel to the ground. Lean slightly. Pull the belly into the spine and straighten the back and chest.

Clasp the hands and twist the torso to one side and touch the floor with the hands. Go back to the center and twist on the other side.




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