This Wooden Potato Planter Has A Door To Easily Access Your Home-Grown Potatoes

Thanks to this amazing wooden potato planter with a door, growing and collecting your homegrown potatoes has never been easier and more enjoyable.

As potatoes grow from their stem, they can be grown practically anywhere the stem isn’t exposed. Hence, you can use a plastic bin, a wooden box or a burlap sack.

Growing your potatoes in containers can be made amazing if you choose a planter that enables you to collect the spuds effortlessly.

One such container is this potato planter from wood that has a door. Its structure is wonderful and practical.

Wooden DIY Potato Planter for Home Gardeners

The wooden structure of the box is a beautiful addition to your home garden. The best feature about it is definitely the small door on the side for easy harvesting of the grown spuds.

You needn’t dig through dirt or pull up the plant to take out the produce. Once it fully grows, you just open the door on the side and pick your fresh potatoes.

As this is a DIY project, you need to equip yourself with the needed materials and to get ready for some work. Don’t worry-you needn’t be an expert to make it.

The planter plan is available in digital format by Etsy Shop Horizon Design Studios. The instructions are easy to follow and the blueprints are clear. Buy the plan and you’re ready for work. When you finish with the payment, the files are downloadable.

What You Will Get If You Make This Purchase?

The detailed plan for this planer features 9 step-by-step instructions and photos for each of the steps. You can easily print them out on paper.

You also get the full list of necessary tools and materials to build it. Estimated cost for these materials is $35.




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