A Dog’s Heart Rate Increases by 46 % when Owner Says ‘I Love You’, according to New Study

Did you ever wonder how much your dog loves you?

According to a new study done by Canine Cottages, 4 different dogs were placed a special heart-rate tracking collar to find out what makes them excited when they’re interacting with their owners.

According to the data from the dogs over a period of seven days, their average heart rate was 67 bpm.

However, when the dogs were told ‘I love you’ by their owners, their heart rates skyrocketed to 98 bpm.

Study Shows Our Dogs’ Heart Rate Increases when We Tell Them We Love Them

Another thing that the research found is that cuddling is another thing that really calms down their heart rate. Their heart rates reduced by 23 percent from 67 bpm to 52 bpm when their owners cuddled with them.

The study also tracked to see the heart rates of the owners to find out how much they love their pets. They found that their heart rates increased on average by 10 percent when they saw their dogs after being separated for a longer period.

Dogs show affection for their humans in five simple ways, according to veterinarian Dr. Heather Venkat, head veterinary nurse at Only Pets Cover, and accredited dog trainer Joe Nutkins.

A dog that wants to show affection towards their human will curl up next to them, on their lap or at their feet. A pup that leans towards you means they feel comfortable.

A dog means that they love you when they wag their tails back and forth, jump, and wiggle back to you.

Bringing a toy to you is also a sign that they want you to play with them. When they show you their belly, it means they trust you and love you. This is a pose they’re must vulnerable in, yet they feel comfy enough in front of you to do it.

For Shannon Keary, campaigns manager at the Canine Cottages, although we’re really aware of the immense love we have for our pets, we never knew how our dogs show their love for us and this is why they’ve done the research.

Keary notes that it’s interesting to see the wonderful and weird ways in which pets express their love for us and how their heart rates go up when we tell them we love them.

 On the other hand, their heart rate reduces when they’re being cuddled by us and means they’re feeling happy.




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