Quit Your Job & Become a Professional Cat Cuddler in Ireland

Are you a cat lover? Do you want to cuddle with kitties and get paid for it? Do you ‘despise’ your current job and would prefer it had something to do with paws, tails, and fluffy soft ears?

If the answer is yes, you’ll love to hear that you have the necessary qualifications to quit your current job and hop on the first train for Ireland-you can start a career there as a professional cuddler of cats.

How to Become a Professional Cat Cuddler in Ireland?

A veterinary clinic and cattery in Dublin, Ireland, Just Cats have put an ad about many people’s dream job, unless you’re a dog person.

They’re looking for the ideal candidate for stroking, feeding, and cuddling the cats in their clinic, the only cat-specific vet clinic in Dublin.

According to the job ad, you should be a crazy cat person, a person for whom cattitude comes natural. The ideal candidate for them would also be the one who feeds stray cats in their community and one that feels warm and fuzzy when petting cats.

Your job will be to calm cats down and provide them the needed care while in the clinic. You should be able to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

Along with deep dedication for cats and their welfare, the clinic also requires from the potential cuddlers to be comfy enough to pet cats for prolonged periods of time and to be able to speak to them softly and sweetly.

The clinic also explained in their online job posting that it’s essential for the candidate to understand the various purring types to ensure they get the job.

Despite their big love for cats, the office notes that they don’t discriminate against dogs coming in their vet clinic!

If you do check all of these boxes and considering this job, please apply by sending your cover letter and CV at hello@justcats.ie.




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