Baby with Down Syndrome Is Loved by Millions after Showing Adoptive Mom Her ‘New Smile’

This adorable 8-month-old girl with Down showed her adoptive mother her new smile. The popular video of the girl who’s known only as Baby H because of the adoption process was taken in her home in Texas.

The video shows the mother asking the baby girl how her day is going. Her face immediately lights up and she is beaming while lying on her belly on the floor on a play mat.

Her mother is heard saying ‘oh I love your new smile. Oh, that is the cutest. Can you show me again?’

Video of Smiling Baby Girl with Down Goes Viral

The video was shared on the Facebook page of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network where it collected more than 15 million views.

Her adoptive mother said that when she was almost 8 months old, she woke up one morning with a brand new type of smile.

They noticed it several times and realized it was a cheesy grin. They laughed every time she did it and loved the attention she got.

She also adds that her laughter speaks about how much they adore their baby girl’s smile and that this video is a treasure.

They also hope people will see the beauty which people with Down syndrome posses. Even though this diagnosis can be scary, the reality is that the child has a purpose and will be able to live a happy, full life.

An Amazing Program for Adoption of Babies with Down Syndrome

The director of the Adoption Network, Stephanie Thompson, knew of the baby H during the process of adoption; however, she never saw her face.

She was beyond happy to put the face with a name. She indirectly meets these kids before they’re brought into this world-she does it on paper; so she falls in love with them from early on.

She’s together on the journey with the parent-to-be and the child so whenever a chance for meeting them is available, it’s something amazing for her. Thompson says that the joy this brings to her can’t be described with words.

The Adoption Network is an adoption program which educates individuals about parenting children with Down syndrome.