Disney-like Scene: Woman Walking Next to Different Animals Left People Mesmerized

While she was visiting her mother who lives in Turkey a couple of years back, Dilara Ilter had the most magical view in front of the window.

She noticed that on the street below, a woman was walking with multiple animals around her, including dogs, cats, and even birds!

The sunny day looked like a magnificent parade was happening-a Disney-like scene!

She was amazed by this scene and the moment she saw it, she thought to herself ‘this woman is a wizard’.

Although it looks unreal, it wasn’t a magic-it was a result of an amazing act of love.

This Is Who the Woman with all of These Animals Was

Later on, Ilter found out from her mother that this woman lives nearby and she gathers stray animals from the neighborhood and feeds them.

Ilter was happy to catch this special moment on camera and had to share it with the rest of the world to witness it as well.

She recalls the poetic moment and when she learned the story of the woman and her animal friends, the moment became even more meaningful and impressive.

She loved the good this woman was doing for the animals.

When she visited her mother one year later, she spotted the same woman doing the same thing again! It was like nothing changed-she still had her loyal followers…

Pure Love for the Animals, No Hidden Motives!

She doesn’t get anything for feeding the animals-she does it because of pure love only. Ilter’s mother approached the woman once and tried to talk with her and learn more, but the woman was too shy to talk.

Anyhow, we really think this is one of the most positive stories we learned about lately-this woman is doing so much good and she deserves all the recognition and help she could get!

Just because these dogs and cats don’t have homes, it doesn’t mean their lives are worthless!

What do you think about this story? How are you helping the homeless animals in your place of living?

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