Young Boy Died with His Dog in the Oregon Wildfires

Sadly, a 12-year-old boy was found dead with his dog as the wildfires swept his hometown near Lyons in Oregon.

Wyatte Tofte reportedly ran away from his home with the flames approaching and his body was later found next to his dog’s body. Both of their bodies were burned from the flames.

His grandmother, Peggy Mosso, also died in the fire. The boy’s mothe, Angela Mosso is in the ICU due to severe burns.

His father, Christopher Tofte confirmed the deaths.

The boy’s relatives wrote on social media that we should never take anything in life for granted and that we should all make the best of every day.

An Amazing Young Boy Who Is no Longer Among Us

The boy was the great-grandson of Roger Tofte who created the fantasy theme park in Oregon known as the Enchanted Forest. According to their website, 3 generations of the family worked prior to the fire.

The park also confirmed the deaths and wrote that the boy was adored by all of his family and friends and said Peggy was a cherished and loved member of their extended family.

The park also asked for privacy and love in these challenging moments.

Marion County Sheriff Joe Kast said that on behalf of all of the first responders, their hearts go out to the whole family. The investigation into the deaths is still ongoing, they also confirmed.

The Santiam Fire which killed the boy, his grandmother, and the dog began on the 16th of August, approximately 6 miles north of Detroit, Oregon.




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