Dog Sneaks out of Kennel at Night to Comfort Crying Puppies

At this Canadian pet shelter center, one dog broke out of its kennel to comfort and cuddle two new foster puppies on their first night.

Maggie, a maternal dog, had a litter of her own; however, all puppies were adopted from the shelter before she could find a home for herself.

Alex Aldred who works at the Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, believes this is why she became so attached to the puppies.

Mother Dog Comforts Shelter Puppies

The staff from the dog motel there said they’ve never seen this before- a dog sneaking out of its kennel to some puppies and being excited to see them.

This happened for the first time when they left work and were checking out the surveillance cameras and saw that Maggie was sitting with the puppies outside of her kennel, explains Aldred.

They went back together with his mother Sandy to check up on Maggie since she was out of her kennel.

When they got there, they realized how affectionate Maggie was towards the puppies. Sandy stayed there for around 15 minutes and saw that Maggie and the puppies need each other.

They decided to leave Maggie in the puppies’ kennel that night.

The frightened puppies definitely loved the attention Maggie was giving them, explained Aldred.

In the morning, Maggie and the puppies were sleeping, cuddled up together.

It’s Natural for a Lot of Dogs to Comfort Other Puppies

Deanna Thompson who works at the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society which rescued the puppies says that the puppies are a bit playful, but still shy.

For her, this act of maternal love wasn’t a surprise.

It’s something natural for a lot of female dogs, particularly ones with past litters.

It’s their nature and they’ve even seen it with male dogs-when they hear other puppies cry, they want to console them and help them feel safer.

This organization has around 2000 adoption on a yearly basis.




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