Loving Elderly Man Pushes His Disabled Dog in a Cart Every Day

Several years ago, this elderly man was caught on camera in Italy walking his disabled dog in his neighborhood in a specialized cart he constructed himself.

After the video was shared on social media, it went viral and people were amazed of the love that the elderly man had for his dog.

People with pets know that animals are more than friends-they’re our family, our life companions, and we need to treat them as equals.

Elderly Man Pushes His Disabled Dog in a Cart He Made for Him

Those who’re responsible for their pets and love them for real will do everything to protect them and keep them safe, in good and bad. Unfortunately, bad pet owners end up abandoning their pets when they’ve ‘had enough’.

But, this man didn’t do that-he would never give up on his pet, no matter what was going on. He cared for his senior dog ensuring he feels the best he could despite difficulties.

His dog was 13 years old and lost rear leg mobility because of arthritis. This sweet Labrador also had a weak heart and experienced shortness of breath. To make sure he still can go on walks every morning, his sweet owner made him a cart.

This enabled the dog to enjoy the outdoors without feeling bad. The fresh air and the walks positively affected the dog and it became cheerful and more alert.

Love at First Sight & so much Love until the Last Day

Tonino explains that with Dylan, his Labrador, it was love at first sight. He was happy that people could learn their story through the viral video and realize the importance of showing respect for animals.

He’s hopeful that this story will be an inspiration to care and respect animals.

For him, the video is normal and the abnormal are those without any love for animals, those who think they’re toys, not a sentient being. Abnormal are the ones who use violence.

The years they spent together provided Tonino and his family a lot of comfort and love and they wanted to pay back the dog and make his final days as comfortable as possible.

Although the sweet dog passed away some time after the video was shared, it was a dog that was so loved and appreciated and lived the best life.

What an amazing story of friendship and kindness-don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and warm their hearts today.




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