Mom Puts Sign On Daughter’s Back So Others Will Stop Shaming Her At The Grocery Store

This single mother feared she would be shamed for taking her child grocery shopping with her in the midst of the pandemic so she decided to do something about it.

Namely, she posted a sign on her daughter’s back and wrote something to prevent the judgment of strangers.

The mother, MaryAnn Resendez is 41 and lives in McAllen, Texas and she shared a photo on her Facebook of the little girl aged 5 wearing a protective mask and with a sign on her back while sitting in a shopping cart.

What Does the Sign Say?

The written sign says that ‘I’m only five. I can’t stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with mommy. Before you start judging, stay back 6 feet’.

In her post, the mother also said that she did this because as a single mother, she felt pressure to constantly have to explain why she’s taking her daughter with her to shop in a pandemic.

She did this because she felt pressured after some people took photos and shared them on social media without knowing all of the factors, explained the mother who works as a tattoo artist.

Her post comes at a period when most of the stores worldwide are implementing social distancing that limits the amount of people that can shop at one time.

Mother’s Post Gets Reshared Multiple Times

The mother’s post has been reshared more than 43,000 times and has definitely shown that there are other single parents dealing with the same or similar challenges.

One woman wrote ‘from one single mom to another, much love to you and your little one ’I have a 13-year-old, but when she was younger, she went everywhere with me. I am sorry to deal with such ignorance from others.’

Many other people praised the mother for having the daughter wear a mask while shopping and noted how other parents don’t take the same precautionary measures.

In a different post on Facebook, the mother also detailed the 14-step shopping routine she follows when they leave the house with her daughter.

The child wears a mask, cleans the cart for shopping, and socially distances when she’s in the store. They also sanitize everything they buy.




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