These Are the Best Cities for Vegans

Thanks to a research done by consumer spending experts, vegans can now know the top locations for them throughout the US.

The Diet Destination Report analyzed the city’s lifestyle and diet offers and the amount of specialty restaurants, takeout services with versatile diet options, the number f specialty cooking classes, as well as the cost of ingredients to make a homemade vegan meal.

The best overall city according to these factors was Houston. The ones after it were Denver, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Let’s learn why.

What Are the Best US Cities for Vegans?

Houston is a city popular for its barbecue meat dishes; however, it also topped this plant-based list because of the high number of specialty cooking classes it provides and the low price of vegan food.

Dallas is another barbecue famous city; however, it’s also the cheapest in terms of plant-based groceries. Their tomatoes, lettuce, rice, and onions are 58 percent less expensive than they are in New York.

Los Angeles, Houston, and Phoenix provided the highest number of specialty restaurants and takeouts.

In Los Angeles, there are 1036 plant-based restaurants and 1,596 takeouts whereas New York has only 911 vegan takeouts and San Diego only 773.

Other top destinations discovered by the report for people following a vegan diet and lifestyle are Chicago, Portland, New York, Phoenix, and Columbus.

What Is the Situation like in Other Parts of the World?

Another study which analyzed Google Trends data to measure the veganism interest levels globally found that veganism is at an all-time high popularity and that it surpassed its previous also record-breaking level from 2019.

Bristol in the UK is on the top of the list and it’s followed by Portland, US, Edinburgh, UK, London UK, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Hamburg, Manchester, UK, and Leipzig and Vancouver.

Plant-based diet is praised for being helpful in reducing chronic inflammation, heart problems, allergies, and gut-related conditions.

Many people also tout it for being good for the mental health, for supplying the body with plenty of nutrients, and helping us achieve our fitness goals.