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These Are the Best Cities for Vegans

Thanks to a research done by consumer spending experts, vegans can now know the top locations for them throughout the US. The Diet Destination Report analyzed the city’s lifestyle and diet offers and the amount of specialty restaurants, takeout services with versatile diet options, the number f specialty cooking classes, […]

Germany’s New Law Makes Measles Vaccination Compulsory

Germany’s New Law Makes Measles Vaccination Compulsory

Germany’s parliament has passed a law which will make measles vaccination for schoolchildren mandatory. This measure was passed with a major majority and according to the new law, all children who’re in school or at a nursery, need to be vaccinated. According to the new law, parents who can’t prove […]

Will Milkmen Make a Comeback in London after Millenials Order Milk in Glass Bottles to Help Reduce Plastic Pollution?

Milkmen Return as Millennials Bid to Cut Plastic Waste

Milkmen and milkwomen are coming back in London after millenials started using glass milk bottles in the effort to reduce plastic waste. Younger customers, amidst the growing concerns over the immense plastic waste and the problems it’s been causing, are looking for glass bottles of milk rather than plastic ones. […]