The Queen Has Decided: Harry & Meghan Have no Royal Status & Have to Repay Taxpayer Money

The Queen of England has decided: Prince Harry and Meghan are no longer royalties- they can’t use HRH titles and won’t get public funding.

The couple is no longer a formal representative of the Queen.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will also repay 2.4 million pounds of taxpayer money.

The new decision will be effective from spring this year.

This decision comes after the Queen talked with the couple about their future after they announced their decision to step back from their royal duties and split time between Canada and UK.

What Did the Queen Say in Her Formal Decision?

According to the Queen’s statement, after months of conversations and recent discussions, she’s pleased that they’ve found a constructive and supportive way for her grandson and his family.

The couple and their son will remain loved members of her family, said the Queen.

She also expressed her gratitude for their dedication and added she was especially proud of how Meghan quickly became part of their family.

They Won’t Use their HRH Tittles

According to another statement by the Buckingham Palace, the Sussexes won’t use HRH titles because they’re not working members of the Royal Family.

HRH stands for His/Her Royal Highness and it’s used as a part of the title of some royal family members.

According to royal correspondent for BBC, Daniela Relph, when they first released a statement about their decision, they talked about forging the progressiveness in the Royal Family and stepping back from royal duties.

However, this isn’t stepping back- it’s stepping away completely.

Relph further noted that the question which will continue hanging over them for the next year is the one concerning their commercial life.

This will in a way be an integrity test for Harry and Meghan.

Despite no longer being formal representatives of the Queen of England, the couple said that everything they’ll do will uphold her values.

The couple will keep their private associations and patronages.

According to the Rugby Football League, they’re delighted to continue having the duke as their patron and praised his sincere commitment.

Royal Life Isn’t an Easy Life

Earlier this month, the pair said they want to create a ‘progressive new role’ in the institution where they would have financial independence and split time between Canada and the UK.

Last year, they talked about the challenges of royal life and media attention.

The duke said he feared that his wife would become a victim ‘to the same powerful forces which led to his mother’s death’.

The Duchess’s father, Thomas Markel, in comments for a forthcoming documentary, accused the couple of cheapening the Royal Family.

He added that every girl dreams of becoming a princess and now that she got that, Meghan is throwing it away. He also said that it looks like she’s doing that for money.





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