Mother Forced to Wait 6 Hours on Freezing Pavement for Ambulance Dies of Heart Attack

This mother, who had to wait almost 6 hours on the freezing pavement for an ambulance, died later of a heart attack.

Donna Gilby had left her apartment early in the morning to head for a doctor’s appointment when she slipped and fractured her foot. This was somewhere around 8, 8:30 am.

Her friends and neighbors had to bring her blankets to keep her warm as she couldn’t move.

They also called the ambulance, but they were nowhere near. Donna Gilby also had irregular heart beat and had 2 mini strokes.

The Ambulance Was nowhere near, Gilby was still on the Pavement

Her father Gareth Gilby, 74 and a former factory worker, said that they called the ambulance and told them how his daughter was slipping in and out of consciousness and they were told that they had a lot of calls and that they’ll come on the location ASAP.

But, there was no sign an hour after calling them so they called again-this time, they got a response that they’re not sure when they will be able to get to her.

Somewhere around 2 pm, the ambulance finally came and took Donna to the hospital. Unfortunately, in the early morning the next day, she suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.

She Was a Kind & Loving Person, Says Her Family

Her father said in tears that they couldn’t believe it and said how she was good as gold and would always put others before herself. This is why she also put her problems second; she was suffering with weight issues and other health problems.

Donna’s nephew, James Perkins who’s 28, said that he had recently celebrated his own 13-month-old son coming out of the NICU when he got the devastating news.

The ambulance apologized for their response taking longer than usually and reminded that their ambulance serves other people; however, long waits for ambulances show the immense pressure that the unscheduled care system in Wales and elsewhere throughout the UK is dealing with.

Because of the increase in priority red calls and hospital delays, they can’t respond to all of the calls as fast as they would like.




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