A Man Invents Igloo Shelters for the Homeless That Retain Body Heat and Keep Them Warm All Winter Long

Homelessness is a major problem worldwide and these people are dealing with so many challenges on the daily, including the risk of freezing during the very low temperatures in winter.

Knowing their risk of freezing, this engineer from France, Geoffroy de Reynal, decided to do something and help these people who already have it so hard.

He constructed a portable, lightweight, and foldable construction intended for homeless people.

This igloo-like tent got him the nickname ‘a modern hero’ and people from all over the world showed their support for his creation.

How Did Reynal Come Up with the Idea for the Construction?

Several years ago, while he was working abroad, Geoffroy was dazed by the high percentage of homeless people when he came back into his home city of Paris.

These people had no safe place to sleep and they had to sleep on the streets.

This moment inspired him to think and come up with efficient way to create a shelter which will keep them warm, yet it won’t cost a fortune and it will be easy to transfer from one place to another.

The First Prototype Was Successful

Using his own funds, he successfully constructed the first igloo-like shelter prototype using polyethylene foam. He made it in his backyard in Bordeaux.

This material helps maintain the body’s temperature. The inside of the igloo-like tent is covered with aluminum so that the temperature inside can go over 50 degrees F higher than the one outside.

He also made sure the tent is waterproof to protect the ones inside from the elements.

After making it, he launched a Crowdfunding campaign on the internet and people from all over the world showed their support.

He managed to collect around $20,000.

Although the igloos don’t actually solve the major problem of homelessness, it does make the living on streets a bit easier. For Reynal, this is a short-term solution and eases only one of the challenges of being homeless.

It doesn’t stop the actually problem.

What Are His Future Plans?

Reynal’s plans for the future are streamlining the production and creating hundreds and thousands of these portable igloos and also better their design.

He wants to somehow add wheels to ease the transportation and also construct bigger ones for larger families. It would be also awesome if he could extend the project to other countries.

If you think this project is awesome and want to support Reynal’s goals, please visit his Facebook group or go to his official website to learn more.