Man Gives His Paralyzed Husky Pool Therapy to Relieve the Pain

For a lot of dog owners, there’s no limit to the things we would do to help our beloved pets.

This may range from giving them food from our hands when they’re not feeling well to jumping into a body of water to take them out in case they’re drowning.

People who love animals care so much for their pets and want them to be the healthiest and happiest.

So, when they’re having a medical problem, we’re always there by their side and help them go through the worst periods with us, not alone.

The Amazing Human & Dog Bond

For some people, ‘it’s just a dog’, for others, it’s a connection that’s loyal, full of mutual love, a real family member. And, we care for our family. This is at least what this husky owner Kane showed us. We definitely need more people like him!

When his husky was paralyzed in the back legs, he didn’t allow him to suffer. He decided to do something more than the pain meds. Unfortunately, the dog couldn’t get a surgery because it was too old and it was a risk.

He began to take him with him in the pool to see if he would find some comfort and relief from the water’s ability to relieve the muscles and joints. Indeed, the senior dog did begin to feel comfier.

The Husky Was able to Walk again

Swimming helped the sweet husky and he was feeling like the dog he was before this health problem hit. Believe it or not, he was able to walk once again.

Water therapy, a lot of love, and a lot of effort did pay off and helped this senior dog live a quality life until his last days.

We congratulate this sweet dog for his successful recovery and we say thanks to this doggy dad who didn’t give up on his best friend!