Hero Dog Uses a Rope Toy to Rescue His Sister from Swimming Pool

A heartwarming moment caught on camera went viral-a Labrador retriever saved his sister after she fell into the swimming pool.

The video was filmed by retired firefighter paramedic Aaron Tucker from Daytona Beach in Florida and it shows his brother’s dog throwing the end of a rope chew toy to his sister while she’s struggling to pull herself up.

With the sister holding one side of the rope in the jaws and him on the other, she successfully got out of the water.

Dog Saves His Sibling Using a Rope Toy

During the video which was shared in late September, the dogs are seen standing near the edge of the pool before the sister fell in.

The other dog then found the orange chewing toy by the side and threw it over to his sister who was desperate to bite onto it.

After she initially lost her grip on the rope, the other Labrador threw it once more and they succeed.

Mr. Tucker gives a comic comments while filming them saying ‘oh my god, you’re heavy, you got to go on a diet, and I’m not kidding’. There you go, now you’re safe.’

Mr. Tucker runs the dog training business Florida K9 and is a cadaver K9 handler who teaches medics and emergency medical responders how to properly treat dogs.

In 2010, he spoke at the SOMA convention in Tampa about K9 emergency medicine.

He’s also been awarded by the US State Department for his help in forming the K9 program in Kabul in Afghanistan in 2013.




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