Boss Caught New Employee Dancing on the Parking Lot after Being Offered a Job

This young woman’s reaction after getting hired for a job went viral after the CCTV video of her dancing on the parking lot was shared online by her new boss.

According to some, it’s Dakara Spence who shared the footage and wrote ‘so, I just hired this young girl and this was her response’.

In the video, the candidate is seen calmly walking towards the parking lot and then stopping and looking around to check if someone’s there.

When she saw that nobody’s there, she broke out in the most joyous dance before she collected herself and walked away.

Young Woman Dances Joyfully after Being Offered a Job

Spence explained in the comment part that she works at the Spot Sports Bar and Grill in Decatur in Georgia; however, it’s not entirely known what job the woman from the video got.

A lot of people said to pass on their congrats to the happy lady whereas others said how she showed that she will be the most passionate employee as she had the most amazing and honest reaction.

Others thanked her bosses for giving her a chance and for making her happy.

Young Woman Comments on the Viral Video

The dancing girl in the video who goes by the name Kay Kay on social media wrote on the Instagram post ‘Lmaoo! I had to do it! I thought nobody saw! I was wrong. Thank you tho!!’

With the video continuing spreading on social media, she also shared it on her own Instagram. She captioned it ‘LMAO I thought nobody was watching! I was mistaken!’

She then shared a video of herself explaining she had no idea how fast she became the favorite youngster on social media until someone called her and told her.

Kay Kay said that her manager called her and said that she caught her joyful dance which went viral with more than 20 million views.

She couldn’t believe it at first and thought she was lying.

After she reenacted the dance, she said that she has started her job.




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