How to Sync the 2 Hemispheres of Your Brain for Better Protection & Performance

Are you read to get your mindset shifted?-First, let’s make something clear-there’s no such thing as a left- or right-brained person.

We arrive on this world with both sides of our brain and we should use both of them.

However, in the modern western society, especially in the business sector, the brain’s left, more analytical, logical, and focused brain area has been quite popularized.

And, as a society, we’ve begun to believe that we can identify and favor one side of our brain. However, we just end up using only half of the power of our brain.

We say something like ‘I’m not a numbers person’ or ‘oh, I’m just not very creative’.

But, what if you could be both? – Both have a creative, but an analytical mind. In a way, by forcing only one side, we’re limiting our capacity to think and function optimally.

Left vs. Right Brain Hemisphere

The left hemisphere thinking is considered more logical, linear, practical, mathematical, scientific, and time-oriented while the right hemisphere one is considered more intuitive, abstract, creative, big-picture focused, and space-oriented.

But, it’s possible to synchronize the two sides and strengthen the one we use less often and grow new neurological connections.

We can also learn how to balance our central nervous system and achieve numerous mental, emotional, and physical advantages.

What Is Brain Sync & How to Achieve It?

Brain sync and brain coherence is connecting one parts of the brain with other parts of it-it’s like having a team of experts in one room.

When the brain is trained to be coherent, a homeostasis in the central nervous system happens and it allows you to be more flexible in terms of thinking.

You will be able to pull up your strengths and enjoy clearer mind, bigger peace, and better sports performance and be less emotionally instable and boost your overall memory and health.

Moreover, it helps you sleep better, stress less, and better your energy levels.

Brain sync is also helpful for those suffering from migraines, memory lapses, and fogginess and need to increase their thinking, clarity, and functionality.

What Are the Best Methods to Achieve Brain Sync?


One of the most potent ways to sync the left and right hemisphere is to meditate.

Meditation helps strengthen the corpus callosum. This process helps connect the two brain hemispheres and stimulates this area on a deep level.

Move often & exercise regularly

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. Using both sides of the brain will help you strengthen your coordination in the body too.

When you move more often and activate both sides of the body, you motivate both brain sides to surface out. This causes the brain to send signals from one to another hemisphere.

Switch up your routine

If you’re a person who’s usually logical and analytical, why not try a different thinking or ideology approach?

One that is outside of your usual process of thinking and routine? This will help you use your non-dominant side too.

This is why it can help brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand or eating with it.

Alternate nostril breathing

This method has long been used by yogis to cleanse the energy channels in the body.

When we have a right dominant nostril, the left hemisphere brain activity is greater and vice versa. This is why switching the dominance helps the brain hemisphere.

Below, check out a video by Yogi Adriene Mishler to learn how to do alternate nostril breathing: