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Can YOU Spot the Missing Number in this Viral Puzzle?

Can YOU Spot the Missing Number in this Viral Puzzle?

Is there anything better than a brainteaser to get your mind working? No matter if you’re trying to spot a camouflaged animal or noticing a mistake on some image, puzzles and riddles are rarely a poorly-spent time. In addition to helping us keep a sharp mind, they’re an awesome way […]

Coffee & Chocolate Make You Smarter, Claims latest Neuroscience

Neuroscience keeps on revealing ways in which coffee and chocolate help boost our brain health and make it stronger. Amazing-more reasons to love this delicious combo! One study done by the National Institute of Aging and Johns Hopkins University published in the Neurochemical Research magazine discovered that the methylxanthines, chemicals […]

7 Totally Underrated Traits Sarcastic People Possess

Sarcasm is a way in which intelligent people are responding to the less intelligent and telling them the truth without directly insulting them. Some even claim it’s the brain’s natural ‘defense from stupidity’. A sarcastic person is able to see the true colors of others even though they may be […]