How many Triangles?-The Puzzle that Is Confusing the Internet!

Here, we just love puzzles and riddles and we often share the most interesting ones with you. We have another awesome brain puzzle concerning triangles.

It’s definitely caught the internet by surprise because so many people are finding it hard to solve it.

Things are even harder when we start to panic because how we are unable to solve something as simple as guessing triangle shapes?

Originally shared by a Twitter user @jiteshpillaaai, this is a brain teaser that seems to ask a simple question: how many triangles?

And, the image that comes with it shows a large triangle that has multiple shapes inside of it thanks to the lines which connect to the main shape.

At first, you may think, oh, no problem, this seems easy. Let’s do it. But, once you get a better look at it, you begin to realize why people have been scratching their heads around it.

The How Many Triangles Puzzle

After checking out the photo, what is your final answer? How many triangles are there on this photo?

A lot of people guessed it’s 4; including 1 big and the 3 smaller ones at the top. However, this isn’t the right answer.

Others also suggested that the answer may be 7 because of the several medium-sized triangles in the main shape.

But, this isn’t the correct answer either.


The correct answer is 18. There are 18 triangles. Here’s a video where you can easily see why this is the solution:

Did you guess the right number? If you did, congrats, you’re really rare! If you didn’t, please, don’t get disappointed, after all, riddles should be fun, not make us sad!

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