This Intricate Riddle Will Blow Your Mind: Can You Answer It?

Without doubt, puzzles, riddles, brain teasers and other types of games which challenge our critical mind are definitely much more helpful than we think.

A Riddle
A Riddle

These games train our mind to think outside of the box and keep us stimulated and boost our brain health.

When we do them more often, our brain learns new things and this strengthens the brain cell connections. This further betters our mental speed and short-term memory.

This being said, whenever you have a moment to spare, make sure you check out some useful and interesting puzzles, like this one we’ll present below.

An Intricate Puzzle: Can You Solve It?

“An elderly couple went on a picnic. They have 5 sons and each son has 3 children. In total, how many people went on the picnic?”

-Think about the riddle’s phrasing. Check out the context- what it says. Could you give an answer?


If you thought the answer is 22, sorry to disappoint you, it’s not. Although 5 sons with three children adds up to 20 and + the elderly couple; however, it’s not correct.

The real answer is: only 2.

The phrase says that only the elderly couple went on a picnic. We don’t see anywhere that the children went to the picnic too.

If you resolved it right away, congratulations! If you didn’t, please, don’t beat yourself up. It means you need a bit more practice.

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