How FAST Can You Find the Odd Turtle in this Photo?

If you love puzzles and riddles as much as we do, you’ll be flabbergasted to learn that only 15% of Americans are able to solve this one, i.e. find the ‘odd’ turtle in this photo.

This is definitely not an easy challenge as it requires a lot of attention to details and a sharp eye. You need keen eyes to be able to solve this visual quiz.

Some people couldn’t locate it; others needed around 15 to 30 minutes. Only a few were able to spot it right away. Did it get your attention? What do you think; will you be able to solve it?

Come on, challenge the whole family and see who does best! Optical illusions are definitely one of the most entertaining games which challenge both your eyesight and your brain.

They’ll keep you entertained and help you keep a healthy mind in the same time. But, enough talking, let’s check out the photo below!

How FAST Can You Find the Odd Turtle in this Photo?

At first glance, you’ll probably think to yourself, wait, what? All of these turtles are the same! But, they’re not. One stands out because of a missing detail.

Here! We gave you a hint, hope it helps!

After you’ve finished the puzzle, don’t forget to share it with friends and family and see how fast they will be able to locate the turtle which stands out! Maybe they won’t even be able to find it…

Here’s the answer:




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