Can YOU Spot the Missing Number in this Viral Puzzle?

Is there anything better than a brainteaser to get your mind working? No matter if you’re trying to spot a camouflaged animal or noticing a mistake on some image, puzzles and riddles are rarely a poorly-spent time.

In addition to helping us keep a sharp mind, they’re an awesome way to have fun with friends and family, trying to resolve them.

If you love riddles and puzzles as much as we do, you’ll not miss out on this one. It’s been released by Playbuzz and it’s been confusing the internet as of 2016.

Could this be the most difficult puzzle in the world?

Let’s find out.

Spot the Missing Number in the Photo with Numbers

On the image, we see a number sequence and it asks from us to find the missing number as fast as we can and without going through the numbers, one by one.

Can YOU Spot the Missing Number in this Viral Puzzle?

And, it turns out this isn’t the easiest task out there. Actually, according to many who’ve tried to solve it, it’s almost impossible to spot it right away.

But, don’t worry; this puzzle has nothing to do with logic and you needn’t be a detective with a high IQ to solve it; it’s common for the brain to be unable to pick up on the missing number.

This is because we’re very used to seeing the sequence.

Our Brain Tends to Miss Out on the Obvious when Trying to Focus

A study from 2013 actually claims that when we’re focusing our minds on one thing, we can’t notice what else is happening around us.

For the purposes of the study conducted by psychologists, the participants were shown a video of a man who was dressed in a gorilla suit and was walking through a crowd on a basketball game.

When they were asked to count the passes between team members, only 50 percent of the participants spotted the oddly-dressed man.

For the psychologist who led the study, it’s because we’re biased to believe that we will notice all of the crucial things.

Apparently, when we give our focus to a single task, we tend to miss the apparent.

Similarly, did you locate the missing number right away or did you need several tries?

Here’s an extra tip:

Slow down and count the numbers numerically in your head and the answer may appear.

Best of luck!