Can You Spot the Caterpillar among the Sushi?!

If you like sushi as much as we do, you would never want to find a caterpillar in your dish, right? However, what about trying to find it in a puzzle?

At least, this is what this fun and popular internet puzzle asks from you; it has been sweeping the internet and people love it.

The adorable cartoon illustration asks from us to find the mysterious caterpillar that’s apparently hiding among sushi, one of the most popular Japanese foods.

Below, check out the photo and start looking for the caterpillar. Did you manage to find it?!

Spot the Caterpillar among the Sushi

Wow- it’s much harder than you first thought; right?

But, you’re not alone in your struggles, believe us. At least in our case, we also spent some time staring in the image, trying to locate it.

But, eventually, we did find the cute caterpillar shimmying along the delicious pieces of sushi.

Where Is the Caterpillar?

If you already gave up and you’re tired of looking for the caterpillar, don’t worry; the good news is that you can find the answer below!

If you enjoyed this puzzle, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family-they will have so much fun! Don’t forget to give them a pat on the back if they did spot it right away!