Fight Yeast Infections, Digestive Problems & Menopause Symptoms with this Potent Root

Being a woman is wonderful, but comes with a lot of challenges. Some of those problems include yeast infections, digestive problems, and menopause.

These physical health issues can even become more frequent as women age.

Luckily, with natural potent remedies like licorice root, we may be able to find relief and bring back our body into a state of balance.

Why Is Licorice Root Beneficial for Women?

Licorice root is native to Greece, Asia, and Turkey and it’s a part of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant.

The ancient Egyptians used it regularly in both cooking and medicine and later it became a part of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

They used it to soothe digestive problems, to better the respiratory health, and for healthier skin and hair.

Today, modern medicine is also backing it up as a potent remedy for bacterial overgrowth that can cause infections.

How Does Licorice Root Help with Yeast Infections?

Yeast is a fungus and licorice can help restore the fungal balance in the body. One type of yeast known as Candida albicans is known to cause the most fungal infections in humans.

A small amount of it does live in our belly and throat without causing problems; however, candida overgrowth can trigger vaginal yeast infections and oral thrush.

Licorice helps by removing the harmful candida bacteria. In one study, three of its main chemicals had a potent antifungal activity on this bacterium.

The researchers concluded that it should be further considered for treatment of oral candida infections.

Moreover, though some candida yeast is present in the mucous membranes of the vagina and UT, overgrowth can trigger an infection.

And, things can become worse if antibiotics and other meds are overused. Licorice may be helpful because it’s more natural and doesn’t have side effects.

How Can it Help with Menopause Symptoms?

Licorice root has also been found beneficial for relieving menopause symptoms.

In a small study done with menopausal women, it was concluded that licorice root intake led to reduction of hot flashes.

What You Should Know before Taking Licorice?

Before you begin using licorice to reduce hot flashes and to fight off candida, you should know that the FDA notes that it shouldn’t be consumed in big amounts at once because of increasing the risk of muscle fatigue and irregular heart rhythm.

And, it may also interact with some meds as it influences the metabolism of the drug in the liver.

In small amounts it’s considered safe; however, always consult your physician in advance if you plan on adding it to your diet.




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