Only Geniuses can Solve this Viral 11×11 Puzzle: Correct Answer Explained

Did you know that one puzzle involving math has been circling the internet for some time now, claiming that the ones who can solve it are real geniuses?

The puzzle went viral on Facebook for the first time, some years ago, and has been spreading since then on other social media, with millions of people commenting the answer.

Arguably, there are several answers because of the multiple patterns which fit the given info. Still, there are only 2 answers that are the most commonly given.

Let’s see the puzzle first and then discuss the solutions.

The Puzzle only Geniuses can Solve?

11 x 11=4

22 x 22=16


Will you give it a go? What is the correct answer according to you?

Most people believe the answer is 36.

But, is it the correct?

Find out more in the video below, you will see the full explanation and the full equation: