Pit Bull Can’t Hold Back Its Tears when It Realized His Family Left Him in a Shelter

When this high-kill shelter welcomed this pit bull, no one expected the emotional rollercoaster it led to.

When the pit bull, named Blue King, Blue for short, was offered a treat, the dog smelled it, but didn’t want to eat it.

The only thing Blue could do is cry behind the bars of its kennel door. Tears were streaming from his eyes down its face; although some thought it was because of allergies.

Blue King became part of the Californian Carson Shelter because his previous family was going to move and couldn’t take care of their dog in their new home.

Unfortunately, as this is a high-kill shelter, the longer Blue remained there, the higher the risk of being euthanized. But, thanks to these several volunteers, he met someone who’ll love him forever.

Sad Blue Becomes Happier when It Meets His New Owner

Several volunteers from the shelter decided to help him increase the chances of being adopted; they made a video of Blue and shared it on Facebook in hope someone would like him.

Very soon after they released the video, one woman, Jennifer McKay, came to the shelter because she wanted to meet Blue.


She recalls how sad and depressed the dog looked and at first; he wouldn’t even acknowledge she’s there.

All of the other dogs were making eye contact and were waving their tails. But, Blue was the only one who wasn’t coming close to her.

She felt like whoever passed by, Blue was thinking it was his family. It’s like he knew he was left behind. But, he would no longer be alone.

McKay Already Made a Decision; She Doesn’t Regret It

After Blue passed the temperament test, McKay wanted to adopt him.

She took him home with her and soon enough, he became a completely new dog.

Blue slowly began adjusting to his new life and is now fully obsessed with getting belly rubs, cuddles, enjoys sleeping and loves to check himself out in the mirror.

He’s still got a lot to learn, including basic commands and leash walking, but McKay believes that the once unhappy dog is going to be just fine.

Well done Blue, you deserve a happy and loving home! Good luck!




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